Robo 2.0 Boxoffice: Rjanikanth RoboT 2.0 Day 1 Box office Collection

Rjanikanth Robo 2.0 Day 1 Box office Collection Record

2.O ‘collected anywhere around the ridge of Rs 75 in India on the first day. This is by no means close to the expectations that people had on the science fiction thriller. The most expensive film in India has not even managed to recover a crore of 100 Rs the first day despite a huge output … What a shame?

The Hindi version of ‘2.O’ collected a crore of 20.25 Rs on the domestic market on the first day. According to preliminary estimates, the figure could be more than Rs 25 crore. However, Akshay Kumar-starrer did not meet expectations for various reasons: film dubbing, non-holiday / festival release, erroneous promotional strategy and the opening of bookings anticipated very late.

To everyone’s surprise, “2.O” failed to break the Day 1 record set by Vijay-starrer “Sarkar” in Tamil Nadu. He managed to collect only 20 crores of rupees, which is less than what “Kabali” managed.

In Telugu states, ‘2.O’ collected a crore share of 12.43 rupees and a crore crust of 18.2 rupees. This is ordinary compared to the fancy price (Rs 72 crore) offered for Telugu Theatrical rights.

Day 1 collections were 8 crores and 5.5 crores respectively in Karnataka and Kerala.

LYCA Productions has refused to sell US rights at a firm price of Rs. 30 crores in this territory. In the United States, Prime Media acquired rights for Rs 18 crore on Advance Basis. Although the official figures have not been revealed by the distributor, Trade expects the turnover of Premieres & Day 1 to be around 1.5 million dollars. Bad estimate of the craze ($ 30 per ticket) was expensive for the distributor.

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